Clinics / Master Classes

How Adrian Conducts Clinics & Master Classes:


Adrian holds both Trumpet/Brass Clinics & Master Classes and Improvisation Master Classes. Generally they are not done in the same session as they are both big topics requiring a generous amount of time in order to get the basics across to the students.


Trumpet / Brass Clinics & Master Classes:


At the Trumpet and/or Brass Clinic & Master Class Adrian brings exercises he has collected and tested over the years, which he himself uses as well as his students that aid in the improvement in efficiency, tone, endurance and range.  Adrian explains what the purpose of these exercises are and demonstrates how to practice and how much to practice them for quickest results. Exercises alone would not do a whole lot of good by themselves so along with them Adrian also has come up with 10 key points to help develop a better sound, improve efficiency and range. There are many more that could be touched upon during a class however for the sake of time restraints these main tips and tricks will help the student off in the right direction. A few of these points once explained, demonstrated and then tried by the students will even improve some of their sound and ease of playing instantly. The look on their face is very gratifying!


Improvisation Master Classes:


Adrian brings material he has found to help the students learn to improvise utilizing both theoretical knowledge as well as non-theoretical exercises which when combined together will help produce a more complete and authentic sounding improviser. The Concepts Adrian teaches are not strictly Jazz only but also pertain to any other style of music the student wishes to improvise. Since music is an auditory art form Adrian emphasizes the use of learning and using improvisation through ear exercises along with the theoretical side of learning improvisation on the trumpet or any other instrument!